Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Agency Plan

1. Introduction

Airservices Australia (the organisation) has prepared this Agency Plan (Plan) in accordance with section 8(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) as amended (FOI Act).

Part II of the FOI Act, which deals with the Information Publication Scheme (Scheme), came into effect on 1 May 2011.

All references to sections in this Plan are to sections of the FOI Act.

2. Purpose

The primary purpose of this Plan is to comply with section 8(1).

Under section 8(1), the Plan must show:

  1. what information the organisation proposes to publish for the purposes of Part II of the FOI Act;
  2. how, and to whom, the organisation proposes to publish information for the purposes of Part II; and
  3. how the organisation otherwise proposes to comply with Part II.

The Plan will help the organisation to put appropriate procedures in place to proactively disclose its information holdings, in accordance with the objects of the FOI Act.

3. Objectives

The organisation’s objectives in relation to this Plan are to outline appropriate mechanisms and procedures to:

  1. manage the organisation’s information holdings relevant to the Scheme;
  2. proactively identify and publish all information required to be published, including this Plan (in accordance with section 8(2));
  3. review and ensure on a regular basis that information published by the organisation under the Scheme is accurate, up-to-date and complete (in accordance with section 8B);
  4. ensure that information published under the Scheme is able to be discovered by the general public, is understandable and re-useable and is accessible to a wide range of people, including people with disabilities; and
  5. assess the effectiveness of the organisation’s implementation of the Scheme.

4. Implementing The Scheme

4.1 Who is responsible for leading the organisation’s work on implementing freedom of information (FOI) reforms?

The FOI and Inquires Coordinator, Office of Legal Counsel is responsible for leading the organisation’s work on implementing FOI reforms generally.  This includes establishing and developing the Scheme at the organisation, maintaining the Scheme at the organisation in accordance with any assistance or guidelines provided by the Information Commissioner, and ensuring that all requests for access to documents of the organisation received from 1 November 2010 are processed in accordance with the amended FOI Act.

4.2 Existing information asset management framework and meeting the Scheme’s requirements

From 1 May 2011, the organisation is required to publish and make publicly available a range of information.  The information required to be published is specified in section 8(2).

Information published by the organisation prior to the implementation of the Scheme

The organisation publishes a range of material on its public website, including:

  1. information on the organisation’s management team, including its organisational structure, business groups, and senior management;
  2. a description of the organisation’s responsibilities;
  3. information on statutory appointments;
  4. Annual Reports;
  5. information regarding consultation processes;
  6. information provided to the Parliament in response to requests and orders from the Parliament;
  7. the organisation’s Provider Certificates;
  8. the organisation’s corporate plan;
  9. information on consultation opportunities and invitations for public comment;
  10. media releases and other news;
  11. guidelines to assist members of the public / organisations comply with statutory requirements;
  12. environment and safety policy;
  13. information provided in response to Senate Orders; and
  14. contact details.

Satisfaction of Scheme requirements

From 1 May 2011, the FOI Inquiries Coordinator will be responsible for managing the Scheme, with administration of the Scheme to be undertaken by the organisation’s Legal Section.  As new processes are developed for managing information and internet material, the Legal Section will work with relevant line areas to integrate the Scheme into the management frameworks and will update the Plan accordingly.

To ensure ongoing satisfaction with the Scheme’s requirements, the organisation will undertake a review exercise.  This exercise will involve:

  1. reviewing existing information held by the organisation to determine whether further material should be made publicly available as part of the Scheme;
  2. reviewing existing information held by the organisation that is routinely provided to Parliament in response to requests and orders; and
  3. determining what additional information should be published to satisfy the requirements of section 8(2).

Any information that is identified by the organisation as part of this exercise will be published in accordance with the requirements of the Scheme.

4.3 Register of information required or permitted to be published under the Scheme

The organisation will develop and maintain a “disclosure log” of information released in response to FOI requests in accordance with the requirements of section 11C of the FOI Act.

5. Information Architecture

5.1 How will the organisation publish information?

From 1 May 2011, the organisation will publish information for the Scheme on its website that is available to members of the public generally in accordance with sections 8D(2) and 8D(3).

In accordance with section 8D (3), the organisation will publish information on the website by:

  1. making the information available for downloading from the website; and
  2. for those documents that are not currently available on the website, by publishing on the website details of how the information may be obtained

5.2 Form and language in which the organisation intends to publish information and where the information will be located

The organisation intends to publish the information in PDF format and in English.

As discussed in paragraph 5.1, the information will be located on the organisation’s website or in certain circumstances may be located elsewhere.  If the information is located elsewhere information on how that information can be obtained will be published on the website.

6. Information to be Published

The organisation will publish information in accordance with section 8(2).

6.1 Information to be published by the organisation  under the Scheme

The organisation will publish the following:

  1. this Plan (as required under section 8(2)(a));
  2. information about the organisation, and links to existing publicly available information where appropriate (as required under sections 8(2)(b) and (8(2)(d)), such as:
    1. the organisation’s organisational chart;
    2. details of appointments of officers that are made under Acts (other than the Public Service Act 199);
  3. information about what the organisation does including details of the functions of the organisation, its decision-making powers, other powers affecting members of the public, and operational information (as required under sections 8(2)(c) and 8(2)(j)), such as:
    1. a list of matters dealt with by the organisation, including providing a link to the Administrative Arrangements Orders; and
    2. information to assist members of the public to comply with statutory requirements;
  4. reports and responses to Parliament (as required under sections 8(2)(e) and 8(2)(h)), such as:
    1. the organisation’s Annual Report;
  5. information in documents to which the organisation routinely gives access in response to requests for access to documents (as required under section 8(2)(g)) and information published under section 11C;
  6. details of arrangements for members of the public to comment on specific policy proposal’s for which the organisation is responsible, including how and to whom those comments may be made (as required under section 8(2)(f)); and
  7. contact details for an officer (or officers) of the organisation who can be contacted about access to the organisation’s information or documents under the FOI Act (as required under section 8(2) (i)), including the telephone number and email address of the FOI Contact Officer.

7. Optional Information to be published

The organisation will publish on its website other information that it holds (in addition to the information published under section 8(2), taking into account the objects of the FOI Act (section 8(4)).  This information includes:

  1. the organisation’s Strategic Plan and Service Charter;
  2. the organisation’s Environment and Safety Policy;
  3. the organisation’s financial statements; and
  4. financial information relating to pay and grading structures.

In addition, the organisation may publish a link to other publications not covered by the categories referred to above, including policies, guidelines, and other publications identified by the organisation from time to time.

8. Review of information publication scheme

The organisation will undertake, in conjunction with the Information Commissioner, a first review of the operation of the Scheme within the timeframes set out in section 9(2) of the FOI Act.

Following this first review, the organisation will undertake, in conjunction with the Information Commissioner, a review of the operation of the Scheme:

  1. as appropriate from time to time; and
  2. in any case – within 5 years after the last time a review was completed.