Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Our future

Our aviation industry is dynamic—rapidly adopting improvements in technology and innovating in order to provide more efficient air services to the public. Airservices must evolve with it.

By 2021, Australia will be providing air traffic control services using the most advanced and integrated air traffic control system in the world—OneSKY.

We are collaborating closely with the Department of Defence to create OneSKY—a new, harmonised civil-military air traffic management system that will unite Australian skies.  OneSKY will provide new levels of operational efficiency, cost efficiency and safety, while also reducing delays for the travelling public and providing opportunities to improve environmental outcomes. It will place Airservices and the Department of Defence in a position to manage the forecast growth of air traffic movement in Australia.

In order to meet the challenges and opportunities that evolution in the aviation industry will bring, we need to transform Airservices into a more agile, responsive and flexible organisation. Our Accelerate Program is at the forefront of delivering these changes.

Accelerate is a short-term program designed to increase the pace of our transformation. With our industry changing at pace, we need our business to be more effective and efficient in delivering the services our customers want, at a price that represents value for money. While we have already made some progress on our broader transformation agenda, we are not moving fast enough. We need to be more collaborative, less complex, and better enabled to change.

Accelerate will focus on three areas:

operating model icon New operating model

Organising ourselves to work in a different way, with a simpler operating model based on customer needs, with less bureaucracy and more accountability.

project and asset refocus icon Project and asset refocus

Managing our assets and projects to commercial standards.

Technology icon Technology

Making better use of our systems so people can get things done more easily and find the information and data we, and our customers, need.

The Accelerate program will drive permanent changes in how we do business. Our new operating model will take effect from 1 July 2016, focusing our organisation on customer service, delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible. The transformation that will position us for a successful future is well underway.