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Aircraft noise

Aircraft noise is an unavoidable consequence of aviation activity. Airservices works with partners in the aviation industry to minimise the impacts of aircraft noise on communities around airports. Its role involves:

  • ensuring that flight departures and arrivals are designed to minimise noise impacts
  • providing information about aircraft noise
  • monitoring aircraft noise around major airports
  • providing a national Noise Complaints and Information Service.

Airservices seeks opportunities to minimise aircraft noise, for example by trialling new procedures. Often these trials are undertaken as a result of issues raised by communities. Airservices publishes reports on these trials and reviews, which are available on airport information pages. Airservices also undertakes periodic reviews of existing noise abatement procedures at airports. Airservices commitment to Aircraft Noise Management informs the community on our commitment  to minimising and, where possible, reducing the impact of aircraft noise with a view to achieving world’s best practice in aircraft noise management. Airservices and Australian Airports Association have developed a website with more information on aircraft noise.

For more information about proposed flight path changes around Australia visit the Flight path changes page on our website.


Melbourne Airport 15 November 2018
Due to required runway maintenance, the east-west runway, Runway 09/27, will be closed on Thursday 15 November from 10am to 3:30pm.

Melbourne Airport 13 to 15 November 2018
Due to required works at the airport, the north/south runway, Runway 16/34, will be closed each early morning from 1:30am to 5:45am from Tuesday 13 November to Thursday 15 November. Runway 16/34 will be reopen at 5:45am each day.

Lilydale VIC 25 November 2018
An Airshow will be held at Lilydale Airport on Sunday 25 November. Local residents may notice an increase in air traffic leading up to and after the event, which will include aerobatic and formation flying.

Townsville QLD 26 Nov – 11 Dec 2018
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Army will participate in a wide range of general flying, bombing and tactical exercises in the Townsville Field Training Area (TFTA). Operations will involve an increase in aviation activity in the TFTA and an increase in military operations at Townsville Airport.

Within the TFTA military fast jet and helicopters will be operating on random tracks; often at low levels.

Newcastle NSW 19 – 25 November 2018
The 2018 Coates Hire 500 V8 Supercar Event will be held at Newcastle on 24 and 25 November 2018. Military aircraft will conduct flypasts and manoeuvres in  association with this event. Practice displays will occur from 19 to 22 November for a maximum of 60 minutes duration. The displays will occur on 24 and 25 November for a maximum of 60 minutes on each day.

Williamtown NSW and Amberley QLD 26 Nov – 6 Dec 2018
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and international forces will conduct a wide area air defence exercise in the Williamtown and Amberley restricted areas over the period 26 November to 6 December 2018.

High speed military jet aircraft will be operating on random tracks without communications in the military restricted areas. Non exercise military training aircraft may take place in regular Amberley, Richmond and Williamtown airspace.

Townsville QLD 2 -20 November 2018
The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will be holding meetings throughout November. Due to increased security requirements, residents can expect an increase in military and civil operations in the Townsville area.

Flypast Adelaide 30 November 2018
As part of the 50 year anniversary of P-3 operations in the Royal Australian Air Force, a formation flight of 4 x P3 aircraft will take place over Adelaide on 30 November. The aircraft will depart Edinburgh at midday, tracking southbound via the coast to Marino Lighthouse then to Adelaide Oval, Regency Park shopping centre, Hope Valley Reservoir, Mt Lofty lookout, Adelaide Airport, Carisbrooke Park, and Elizabeth shopping centre, before returning to Edinburgh at approximately 1:45pm. The aircraft will be at 250ft above ground level.

Temporary flight path change in Sydney
Over the last two weeks residents of suburbs including Coogee, South Coogee, Randwick and Maroubra may have observed changes to the flight path. This is because the usual departure flight path has been temporarily suspended.

This situation has arisen due to a technical problem caused by a third party provider’s coding of flight path data into aircraft flight management systems. Airservices was notified of the issue by the airlines. Airservices is undertaking a comprehensive investigation into whether there are any safety implications and as a result, use of the flight path has temporarily been suspended.

Aircraft are currently being assigned individual headings by our air traffic controllers while the situation is being investigated. While these headings replicate the flight paths as closely as possible, an identical result cannot be achieved. As such, variance in the flight path that aircraft follow over these suburbs will continue until the issue is resolved.

Airservices is working with the third-party provider and airlines to identify and address the safety issues as quickly as possible to allow the flight path to be reinstated. It is expected this will not be completed until late November. There will be no other changes to noise sharing arrangements while this problem is investigated.

Airservices thanks you for your patience while this issue is resolved.

Airservices will be introducing changes to the airspace surrounding Melbourne Airport  November 2018
Airservices will be introducing changes to the airspace surrounding Melbourne Airport on 8 November 2018. The airspace changes are required to meet new regulations to safely manage incoming flights on approach to Melbourne Airport. There will be no changes to the current flight paths. The change requires aircraft to fly slightly lower (500ft) during a small section of their final approach. Environmental assessments indicate there will be no discernible increase in aircraft noise on the ground. For more information on the changes, or to provide feedback, please visit the Airservices website.

Brisbane Airport Helicopter and Light Aircraft Routes 1 November 2018
Airservices will implement standard flight path routes to and from Brisbane Airport for helicopters and light aircraft from 1 November 2018. This change formalises the routes by publishing them in aeronautical documents. This allows pilots to lodge flight plans for flights on these routes and improves how that information is displayed using the air traffic control radar system, particularly for departing light aircraft. or more information read our fact sheet.

Rockhampton QLD 19 Sept – 17 November 2018
Military exercises will be conducted in the Shoalwater Bay Training Areas (SWBTA). Exercises will include C130 transport and military helicopters operating from Rockhampton aerodrome and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in the SWBTA areas. Live firing from both ground based and aerial platforms will occur throughout the entire SWBTA. Military aircraft will avoid promulgated sensitive/mustering areas.

Perth Airport August to November 2018
Due to works at Perth Airport during this period, there will be a number of runway closures or restrictions. Details on these can be found on the airport website.

Rockhampton and Shoalwater Bay Training area QLD 19 September to 17 November 2018
A military exercise will be conducted in the Shoalwater Bay Training area, north of Rockhampton between 19 September and 17 November. A number of fixed wing and helicopters will operate both day and night during this time with some military flights occurring to and from Rockhampton Airport.

Release of review into processes associated with aircraft noise management | April 2018
As part of proactive approach to managing issues associated with implementing flight path changes, Airservices has completed an internal review into its processes associated with aircraft noise management. This internal process review was conducted to provide an assessment of performance against key policy and procedural documents and provide recommendations for improvement. This review identified 29 actions, all of which were implemented by the end of March 2018. This report will form part of Airservices commitment to continuous improvement and inform the management of the introduction of flight path changes into the future.

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Fact sheets and information packs

Downloadable fact sheets and regional noise information packs are now available.

Noise Information Reports

Our noise information reports are now available.

Noise commitment

Airservices Commitment to Aircraft Noise Management informs the community and aviation industry on how it intends to address collaboratively the impact of aircraft noise and was released in early November 2013.