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Canberra Airport departures

Airservices proactively works with Canberra Airport and the community to improve aircraft noise outcomes.  At the request of the airport, a flight path has been changed for south and west departures to reduce the impact of aircraft noise on residential areas.

What is being changed?

Currently, jet aircraft departing to the north from Runway 35 on the Standard Instrument Departure (SID) turn left on reaching 7000 feet (ft), which is in accordance with Canberra Noise Abatement Procedures.  Aircraft that reach 7000 ft early, fly over residential areas to the north-west of Canberra, such as Gungahlin. The change will require aircraft to reach a ‘waypoint’ north of Canberra’s suburbs before turning left, rather than turning left as soon as they reach 7000 ft.  This means that aircraft will fly more over non-residential land rather than residential areas in Gungahlin.

New flight path from Canberra Airport from November 2014.

New flight path from Canberra Airport from November 2014.

Flight path from Canberra Airport prior to November 2014.

Flight path from Canberra Airport prior to November 2014.

How many aircraft use this flight path?

Around 5000 aircraft will use this flight path each year, with more than 20 using it on a busy day.  The change will not impact on the number of aircraft using this departure flight path.

Will I notice any increase or change in noise?

It is expected that there will be a noticeable reduction in aircraft noise for some residential areas in Gungahlin.

Why the change?

The new flight path will move jet aircraft further north, providing a reduction in aircraft noise for residential areas in Gungahlin.

When will the change start?

Aircraft commenced flying the new flight path in November 2014.  A review of the change has been undertaken and a report  is available. Airservices concludes that the change has been successfully implemented.

Has an environmental assessment been done?

Yes. The modified flight path aims to balance environmental and operational impacts.  Our analysis concluded the noise benefit from this change is expected to be minor.  A copy of the environmental assessment is available.

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