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Mildura VIC – Realigned flight paths

As part of the transition to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) as the primary means of navigation, a number of navigation aids around the country are being replaced and/or relocated to support a Backup Navigation Aid Network.

A navigation aid is a piece of equipment that is often located at or near an airport. It helps pilots to navigate through airspace, and, in some cases, guide them to a runway at an airport.

What is being changed?

Navigation aids at Mildura Airport are being replaced and, as requested by the airport, are also being relocated 800 metres to the west of the main runway.

As a result, four flight paths are being realigned.

How many aircraft use these flight paths?

In 2013 there were approximately 30 flights a day using these flight paths.

Will I notice any increase or change in noise?

No new residential areas around Mildura Airport will be exposed to aircraft noise. It is expected that some residents of Merbein may notice an increase in aircraft noise of up to 4.2 decibels.

When will the change start?

Aircraft commenced flying the realigned flight paths in November 2014.

Has an environmental assessment been done?

Yes. The realigned flight paths aim to balance environmental and operational impacts. Our analysis concluded the environmental impact from this change is expected to be minor.

Map showing the current and future flight path for Mildura

Existing flight path corridor is shown by a green centre line and two parallel green lines and the new flight path corridor is shown by the purple centre line with purple banding either side. The air route identifiers are noted in block text.

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