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Sydney change to arrival route from the north in bad weather

A new Standard Terminal Arrival Route is being implemented for use only during Precision Radar Monitor (PRM) operations from 9 November 2017. PRM is a technique used in bad weather to ensure safe and efficient operations. PRM can only be used between 7am and 11am, Monday to Friday. The change reduces complexity for pilots and air traffic controllers during poor weather.

This change is only for aircraft arriving “straight-in” from north of Sydney onto Runway 16 Right. The change primarily occurs over the Dharug and Marramarra National Parks north of Sydney. Some townships on the edges of these parks may notice a change in the lateral tracking of aircraft.

Movements to Runway 16 Right are unaffected by this change outside the PRM hours of 7am – 11am Monday to Friday, or during these hours when PRM is not in operation.

There is no change to the tracks of aircraft landing on Runway 16 Left during PRM or at any other time.

Pre-change flight path

Figure 1 (above): New standard terminal arrival route in yellow and existing arriving aircraft tracks from the north to Runway 16 right in orange. Aircraft between RAZOR and RAMAR waypoints are over national park. Click to enlarge the image and use your Back button to return to this page.

Pre-change flight path

Figure 2 (above): From waypoint RAMAR to landing on Runway 16 Right aircraft on the new arrival route (yellow) follow the existing flight path (orange). Click to enlarge the image and use your Back button to return to this page.