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Roleystone arrival

Airservices has worked closely with the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman to identify potential noise improvement opportunities for the region. Following consultation with the Perth Airport Community Forum and Noise Management Consultative Committee, Airservices has trialled a new flight path that is designed to reduce aircraft noise for some suburbs to the south-east of the city.

Some aircraft arriving from the north to land at the southern end of the runways at Perth Airport fly over high-density residential areas including Roleystone, Bickley, Byford, Carmel and Martin. During the trial, the modified flight path will be further east to reduce the number of aircraft flying over residential suburbs. This means that the flight path will be closer to Karragullen, Pickering Brook and Bickley East.

The trial commenced on 22 August 2013 and has now been underway for more than 12 months to cover normal seasonal variations. A review of the trial has been undertaken and a report is available. The report notes that community feedback demonstrates there was a noticeable benefit from the trial and that the change should become permanently implemented.

This flight path has now been changed permanently.

Roleystone flight path

Diagram of existing and modified flight path over Roleystone, WA. (Click on map to enlarge)

Roleystone current flight paths

Roleystone flight paths before the trial starts

Roleystone proposed flight paths

Roleystone flight paths during the trial

Roleystone all flight paths

Roleystone all flight paths

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To see the modelled noise impact on the ground from a large wide-bodied jet, an Airbus A330.

To see a comparison of the existing flight path (blue) and the trial flight path (red) against a satellite image background.

To see a comparison of the existing flight path (blue) and the trial flight path (red) against a suburb image background.