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Aeronautical Data Originator Responsibilities


CASR Part 175 requires that Airservices hold and maintain current contact details of Aerodrome (AD) / Aircraft Landing Area (ALA) / Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) owner/operators. Such owner/operators are required to register with Airservices and nominate a responsible person (otherwise referred to as an Aeronautical Data Originator or ADO) for informing Airservices of this information, carrying out regular reviews and updating this information with any changes.

To register, an ADO must obtain from Airservices a Data Product Specification (DPS) to ensure aeronautical data associated with the AD/ALA/HLS is exchanged through a quality controlled process. The DPS provides assurance that information published on behalf of AD/ALA/HLS owner/operators, by Airservices, is current and has a high level of integrity and reliability.

For ALA/HLS that only appear in ERSA Codes or on aeronautical charts there is no regulatory requirement for a formal DPS; however the AIS needs to be able to obtain the data from the responsible entity, be able to trace the data to its origin and must keep it up to date.

If you are the owner/operator

It is requested that owner/operator/contact person of the AD/ALA/HLS listed in the Appendices of this AIC contact Airservices during the 90 day information collection period to provide the information required. Additionally, if you use an aerodrome or ALA and it appears on the list you are requested to contact the owner and ask them to confirm their details to Airservices.

To register, please complete and return the applicable Data Product Specification (DPS) form for Registered / Certified or Uncertified – with an ERSA FAC aerodromes:

Data Product Specification for Certified / Registered Aerodromes
Data Product Specification for Uncertified ALA / HLS (with ERSA FAC page)

A contact person is required for ALA/HLS that only appear in ERSA Codes or on aeronautical charts. Please complete the form below:

ALA/HLS Information Form – No ERSA FAC Page

Please return all Data Product Specifications and Information Forms to Airservices by email to

If you do not wish Airservices to hold and publish details of your AD/ALA/HLS, please advise us accordingly.

For more information contact: (02) 6268 5511