Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Aerodrome operators

The CASR Part 175 obligations for aerodrome operators are different depending on if the aerodrome is certified or registered under CASR Part 139. CASR Subpart 175.D is the applicable area of the new legislation and aerodrome operators are regulated under CASR Part 175 as part of a larger group of Aeronautical Data Originators.

Certified and registered aerodrome operators are also subject to CASR Subpart175.E in relation to the collection of obstacle data in the vicinity of an aerodrome. You may have already received a letter from Airservices and CASA with respect to this.

Certified and / or registered aerodrome operators

Airservices must provide a Data Product Specification (DPS) to an aerodrome operator—we will contact you when they are being rolled-out in late 2015.

Meanwhile, the existing and enduring obligation under CASR Part 139 to keep information published in ERSA current and up-to-date remains.

Airservices has an expectation that aerodrome operators will make the DPS available to their aerodrome surveyor, so that the annual inspection is collated in the DPS standard format.

We expect that most aerodrome operators will align the DPS, CASR Part 175 annual review with the annual technical or safety inspections.

Non-registered or certified aerodrome operators

The CASR Part 175 obligations for non-registered or certified aerodrome operators are less than for CASR Part 139 Registered and Certified aerodromes, but with the same purpose and intent.

Non-certified or registered aerodrome operators must conduct an annual review of the information published in the AIP [ERSA] but also provide updates of that information to Airservices if any changes occur.

Airservices must provide a DPS to an aerodrome operator—we will contact you when they are being rolled-out in late 2015.

Importantly, Airservices has an obligation to remove aerodrome information from the ERSA for which it has not received an annual update/review from the aerodrome operator.