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The Brisbane Green Project

We have a long tradition of innovation and collaboration with the aviation industry, particularly in the areas of safety, efficiency and the environment.

In 2006, we worked with Qantas and Naverus to implement a high precision, performance-based instrument approach and departures procedures within Australia. This was done in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA).

These approaches use satellite navigation and sophisticated cockpit systems to avoid terrain and weather constraints. Currently not all aircraft are fitted with suitable systems but these numbers are increasing all the time.

These Green Approaches are a pre-programmed flight path. This is designed to reduce fuel burn, aircraft noise and emissions.

Due to the success of the Brisbane Green Project, it is expected to be introduced at many of Australia’s major airports.

The implementation program will start with 15 airports. To date there have been in excess of 26,000 Green Approaches (and departures) conducted nationally.

Environmental Savings

The Brisbane Green Project has shown that for a typical flight into Brisbane substantial savings can be achieved.

With a normal instrument approach, an aircraft would fly typically about 144 km, burning about 587 kg fuel.

The equivalent Green Approach is considerably shorter at 106 km and consuming only 298 kg fuel.

This is a saving of 24 miles and roughly 50 per cent less fuel.

Using Green Approaches around Australia we could save 189 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is the equivalent to the emissions from 40,000 cars.

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