Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

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Letter from the Chair

Photo of Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, AC, AFC (Ret’d)

I am delighted to present the Airservices 2017–18 Corporate Plan which builds on the progress made under the previous plan in achieving our vision. It maintains a clear and continued focus on our efforts to be recognised by the Government, industry and the community for safety excellence and the efficient delivery of services.

The transformational change delivered through the Accelerate Program over
2016–17 has reset our business to be more responsive, agile and flexible in delivering value to our customers while maintaining and enhancing our safety performance. We have implemented a new operating model to ensure our people and processes work together to support our core service delivery of safe air traffic management (ATM) and aviation rescue fire fighting (ARFF) services.

The organisation has improved its asset and project management, and is undertaking a technology upgrade to support new business processes through automation and digitisation. We have also laid the groundwork of our future information management capability to enable us to capture opportunities and create further value through information-based services.

The focus over the period covered by this plan is on embedding new ways of working that continue to build on the foundations for Airservices to be recognised as the industry leader in safe and innovative ATM services, and effective and efficient ARFF services.

The step-change in the effectiveness and efficiency of our corporate operations has reduced our cost base, ensuring that our financial performance remains sustainable into the future. More importantly, it has built new capabilities and embedded new ways of working into our culture, enabling us to continually improve in the fulfilment of our statutory functions.

We are funded for our services through charges levied on our customers and capital raised from debt markets. Our position as Australia’s air navigation service provider gives us a unique, whole-of-industry perspective and also makes us acutely aware of the financial constraints within which our customers operate.

In 2016 we deferred consideration of a new pricing agreement, and the prices we have in place today are the same as they were in July 2015. Our goal is to continue to deliver real price decreases and improved value to our customers.

In collaboration with the Department of Defence, we continue to deliver the OneSKY Program. This single harmonised ATM system will enable common data sharing, greater airspace flexibility, improved resilience, contingency and business continuity, and common tools to manage air traffic. The establishment of a single flight information region, coupled with new service capability, will enhance overall network operations and translate to service improvements and efficiency gains for our customers.

With growth in capital city airports expected to continue over the next five years and beyond, capacity management of Australia’s airspace and aviation infrastructure will become an increasing challenge. We also remain focused on delivering environmentally responsible services that appropriately manage aircraft emissions and noise while maintaining safety and efficiency.

The Board, together with Airservices management and staff, looks forward to delivering on this plan and continuing to create value for our customers in the years ahead.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Ret’d)