Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

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Strategic enablers and enterprise initiatives

To ensure our organisation is well positioned to continue to foster and promote civil aviation, in 2016–17 we transformed our business through the Accelerate Program, laying the foundations for an organisation that is more responsive and efficient, and in a sustainable way can continue to:

  • build an accountable performance culture
  • deliver on our promises
  • invest in the right people, infrastructure and technology and achieve an appropriate return on these investments.

Underpinning the above are our values, which define our behaviours as we work together. In light of the changes to our organisation last year, we are committed to updating our values in 2017–18 to reflect who we are today. We will also continue to improve our performance to deliver value to our customers. To do this, we will focus our efforts on:

  • investing in our current and future workforce capability and embedding new ways of working with less bureaucracy and more accountability
  • using automation to unlock value in business processes, and enabling differentiating capabilities using information-based services to ensure ongoing relevance to the aviation industry.

This Corporate Plan covers the period 2017–18 to 2021–22. The enterprise initiatives identified in this section are multi-year initiatives with work in the outer years informed and determined by the successful implementation of key deliverables in 2017–18.

To ensure stakeholders have a better understanding and visibility of our performance, this plan focuses on key deliverables under each enterprise initiative over the next 12 months. These enterprise initiatives are reviewed each year as the Plan is updated. They are linked to our performance outcomes, support our purpose and have been categorised into one of three strategic enablers:

Strategic enablers and enterprise initiatives

Building on the foundations from 2016–17, the enterprise initiatives over the period covered by this plan continue to focus on:

  • future airspace management
  • customer-centric services
  • Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM)
  • Long Range Air Traffic Flow Management (LR ATFM)
  • building capability by investing in our people; and
  • the OneSKY program.

The underlying theme in delivering these initiatives is cross-industry and cross-agency collaboration. We continue to engage with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Department of Defence to enhance cooperation and coordination on aviation safety, capacity, efficiency and environmental issues. This coordinated approach informs aviation policy direction, regulatory reform and technology advancements.