Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Noise improvements

Airservices has developed a process to investigate aircraft noise improvements across Australia.

Aircraft noise remains a key challenge for an industry that is forecasting high levels of growth in air traffic movements over the next 20 years.  Managing noise impacts on communities requires careful balance between the protection of affected residents and recognition of the broader economic and social contributions of aviation activity.

Responsibility for aircraft noise management is shared between a number of stakeholders including Airservices, airlines and aircraft operators, airports, government regulatory and planning agencies and residents.

Airservices aims to take full advantage of opportunities to manage airspace differently, working with local communities to identify changes that could benefit them. Airservices continues to focus on improvements to noise management by:

o    actively seeking improved noise outcomes
o    using short-term trials to ‘road test’ suggested changes to flight paths or operating procedures
o    focusing on addressing noise complaints
o    improving availability of information about aircraft noise and its impacts, including use of short-term noise monitoring sites.

A major change in our approach is we are now looking for, finding, and where feasible, implementing change. Airservices seeks active consideration of, and consultation about, ideas to improve noise outcomes. Seeking input from community forums (for example, Community Aviation Consultation Groups) is a very important part of this process.

We have established a process for change which allows for earlier identification of the feasibility to make changes.  If a proposal is considered likely to result in an improved noise outcome, it will enter a thorough assessment process to determine its impact on safety, efficiency and the environment. Airservices provides the relevant community forum with regular updates throughout this process.

While there is a focus on exploring noise improvement opportunities, making or implementing change is difficult.  We are committed to making noise improvements if they are operationally feasible and uphold safety as our number one priority.