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National PFAS Management Program

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Airservices has been working closely with Commonwealth, State and Territory government health and environment regulators, policy agencies, airport owners and operators, and research institutions on initiatives in response to PFAS concerns.

Airservices is a member of Community Aviation Consultation Groups at each airport with an ARFF service and provides updates on progress at these meetings. Email for more information from Airservices.

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About the program

Airservices has been actively and responsibly managing issues arising from the use of fire fighting foams now known to have contained per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) since it became aware of concerns in the early 2000s.

While it is still uncertain if there are any health impacts from exposure to PFAS, Airservices has worked proactively in this area for well over a decade to move away from PFAS-containing foams, conduct site testing and work with our staff to better under any potential exposure impacts from the historic use of these products.

Airservices has sought to take a proactive and responsible approach to managing the PFAS issue by developing a better understanding of the issues through site assessments, implementing a research and development program, and continuing to work with relevant Commonwealth and State/Territory authorities to develop a nationally consistent framework and regulatory guidance for the ongoing management of PFAS across Australia.

We continue to implement a risk-based national program to better understand the extent and level of PFAS impacts resulting from the historic use of fire fighting foam at airports where we operate and enable us to determine next steps.

Fire fighting foam use

The primary function of Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) is to save lives and protect property at 26 of Australia’s busiest airports. The ARFFS we provide must comply with Australian civil aviation regulations, which specify performance, training and operational requirements, including fire fighting foams.

Airservices has not used a fire fighting foam containing PFAS—per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances—since 2010 at any of our 24 civilian airport operations across Australia, and proactively began phasing out foams containing PFAS in the early 2000s.

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22 August 2019
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16 August 2018
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31 July 2018
Updated FAQ on the historical use of PFAS containing foams at Australian airports

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