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2018-19 Exposure Study

Airservices has engaged the University of Queensland (UQ) to implement its second PFAS Exposure Study which is open to Airservices Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting current and former staff.

This important project aims to confirm whether the existing Airservices workplace health and safety controls continue to be effective in reducing potential PFAS occupational exposure, and to provide participants with updated personal information.

It is important to note that the study will not provide definitive advice about an individual’s health, but the results will contribute to the broader research into PFAS exposure levels and potential human health associations.

The study was designed with significant input from an internal working group which included operational fire fighters, a United Firefighters Union representative and an emergency vehicle technician.

Current or former staff should contact the research team at University of Queensland to express an interest in taking part or if they have any questions –

2013 Exposure Study

In 2013, we were the first fire service to engage toxicology experts from the University of Queensland to conduct a voluntary health study on our fire fighters and their potential exposure to PFAS. All of our 731 fire fighters employed at the time were invited to take part, with 149 consenting to participate.

The study included voluntary blood testing with results provided directly to staff and advice to speak to a medical professional if they had any concerns.

This was done to provide them with a baseline as well as contribute to the research literature that was starting to emerge.




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