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NOTAM Group Management User Guide 

NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Aerodrome Operators (C-MAN0276)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for CASA (C-MAN0280)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Ocular Hazard (LIDAR) (C-MAN0281)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Military (C-MAN0282)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Sport Aviation (C-MAN0283)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for UAV Operators (C-MAN0284)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Airservices Australia (C-MAN0277)
NOTAM Data Quality Requirements for Blasting Operators (C-MAN0278)

NOTAM Request Form version 12 (Click to download PDF) – 26 May 2020 – Current

Enhancements to NIS Web User Interface 1.4.0

Note: Feedback and suggestions regarding the NOTAM Request form is appreciated. Email

Authorised Originators

IMPORTANT: If your position or area is not mentioned below, you MUST contact the NOTAM Office before submitting a NOTAM request.

The following authorities are approved to originate NOTAM:

  • CASA delegates of Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation Division and Operations Division
  • Airservices
  • Military Airspace and Airfield Authorities
  • Aerodrome proprietors and their representatives
  • BoM
  • Individuals or organisations authorised in accordance with Part 175 to originate NOTAM in relation to matters related to their operations.

RAAF AIS originate NOTAM:

  • when an urgent amendment or correction is necessary to a flight information publication map or aeronautical chart and AIPAB action would be unsatisfactory
  • to promulgate details received from appropriate sources regarding use of airspace over international waters for special exercises
  • as required by Air Force Headquarters.

Airservices ATS staff may originate a NOTAM on their own initiative, if the delegate is not available, provided that the information is essential for flight safety and/or conduct of flight operations.

Originator responsibilities

The originator is responsible for:

  • completing all necessary coordination before providing the NOTAM Office with the information to be promulgated
  • verifying and validating the correctness and completeness of the NOTAM issued by the NOTAM Office.

NOTAM retrieval

NOTAM originators are required to use their NAIPS User ID to access the NAIPS Internet Service (NIS) to check their NOTAM for correctness.


  • if the activation time of a NOTAM is more than 10 days in the future, a return email or fax cn be requested
  • if you do not have access to the internet a return far can be requested

How do I get access to NIS?
For originators without a valid NIS login, you can register at

How can I check my NOTAM on NIS?
Using NIS, originators can view or print current NOTAM issued on any aerodrome or airspace within Australia up to a maximum of 10 days (240 hours) validity.

Is there still a way to have NOTAM emailed?
The NOTAM Office can arrange for all NOTAM issued on your aerodrome to be automatically emailed to you, however this can only be to a single nominated email address. Requests for this service must be in writing to the NOTAM Office via email.

Will the NOTAM request form be amended?
Yes, the NOTAM request form is being updated to reflect these changes. Advice will be distributed when the new versions are due for release.

If you have any questions please contact the NOTAM Office on 02 6268 5063.

News and updates

30 August 2018

Airservices is introducing a new process for the proactive management of planned, permanent and temporary obstacles in the vicinity of Aerodromes. The process will effectively eliminate the time lag between issuance of an obstacle NOTAM impacting published Instrument Flight Procedure at an Aerodrome, and the impact NOTAM – these will happen at the same time.

There is a modified NOTAM form to assist in capturing obstacle impacts, and an information package that outlines Aerodrome Reporting Officer requirements for you to download.

For more information contact the NOTAM Office.

4 July 2018

Commencing from the 10 July 2018, specific pre-flight briefings will default to a 6 hour validity instead of 24 hours due to the NIS version 1.4.0 release. Please read Enhancements to NIS Web User Interface 1.4.0 for more information or contact the NOTAM office.

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