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Cleve Airport – Changes to Approach Procedures

5 February 2020

This change will be implemented from 23 April 2020

21 November 2019

Cleve Airport – Changes to Approach Procedures

When will this change occur?

Airservices will implement changes for aircraft arriving to Cleve Airport from February 2020.

Why are the changes necessary?

Since 2007, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has encouraged its members to implement approach procedures with vertical (straight up and down) guidance to improve safety for aircraft arriving at airports.

One way to do this is to make it possible for aircraft to use Baro-VNAV technology. Baro-VNAV stands for Barometric vertical navigation.

Baro-VNAV is a technology available on most large modern aircraft. It allows aircraft to land more smoothly, without using ground based navigation equipment. It also reduces the workload for pilots and decreases their reliance on visual assessments on approach, making landing safer. Baro-VNAV approaches reduce the frequency of an aircraft needing to either circle or complete a missed approach as they give pilots greater accuracy.

The introduction of Baro-VNAV requires changes to existing procedures for Runway 26 at Cleve Airport.

 What is going to change? 

For more information on the changes please see the Fact Sheet – Cleve Airport – Changes to Approach Procedures

How can I get more information?

For Queries regarding information contact Community Engagement:

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