Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Annual Report 2017–18: Chairman’s report

The aviation industry is in the midst of substantial change. Australian air traffic is steadily increasing, airport infrastructure investment is occurring faster than it has for some time and new technologies are transforming our industry. The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry during this period makes it an exciting time to be part of Airservices.

In this context, I am privileged to present Airservices 2017–18 Annual Report, my first as Chairman. It demonstrates how the organisation continues to serve Australia, the aviation industry and the millions of travellers who traverse our skies, in pursuit of safety excellence and the efficient delivery of services, while also making progress towards emerging new horizons. The organisation’s achievements during 2017–18 form part of the legacy of our recently retired Chair, Sir Angus Houston. Under Sir Angus’ leadership Airservices has become a more capable, efficient and credible organisation.

The most significant achievement is no doubt laying the foundations for the harmonisation of civil and military air traffic management in Australia. The significance of OneSKY and the contribution it will make to the aviation industry and the nation cannot be underestimated.

The transformation journey that Airservices has been on in recent years is about ensuring that we can discharge our air safety responsibility as efficiently and effectively as possible, for our customers and their customers. Maintaining a vigilant focus on discharging that duty today, while ensuring that the organisation has the capability and agility to discharge it into the future, will be a focus of my leadership. Airservices operates at no cost to government. While the organisation has never been in a more sound position, financially strong and providing valued, safe and environmentally sound services to the aviation industry, we cannot underestimate the complexity of the years ahead. Like other industries, aviation is being disrupted by new entrants, changing customer behaviour and the opportunities of data.

We must also cater for a major new airport, several new runways in capital cities, ongoing growth in passenger numbers and a policy and regulatory environment that will need to adapt as the industry changes. As this Annual Report attests, Airservices is in a strong position to tackle the emerging challenges of the aviation industry with confidence, while remaining vigilant in our responsibility to deliver safe skies – the fundamental reason we exist. I look forward to working with the Board, management and staff of Airservices as we navigate this future together.

John Weber


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“The transformation journey that Airservices has been on in recent years is about ensuring that we can discharge our air safety responsibility as efficiently and effectively as possible, for our customers and their customers.”