Airservices is Australia's air navigation service provider - we provide air traffic control, aviation rescue and fire fighting and air navigation services.

Airport Related Development

The airport developments team provides you with a central point to facilitate development approvals, and perhaps more importantly, are the point of contact to promote key issues of mutual interest to both airports and Airservices to ensure consistent messages are being transmitted from each other.

Regarding airport-related development proposals, the airport developments team provides you with
whole-of-Airservices advice. To undertake necessary assessments and ensure proposed developments related to your:

  • Master Plan (MP)
  • Major Development Plan (MDP)
  • Controlled Activity (CA)
  • Crane Operation (CO).

For more information on airport related developments please contact the airport developments team at or for more information on Airport Master Plans here.

You are not entitled to penetrate an airspace surface, or hinder the safe operation of any Airservices Australia infrastructure (control tower, aviation rescue and fire fighting service, navigational aids), Airservices Australia requires specific details to be provided with your proposal. We require the following in electronic format, ie. email or disk:

  • Site plans with the exact location of the proposed activity;
  • Drawings of Tower Line of Sight to movement areas with apron boundary clearly defined;
  • Detailed drawings including:
    • exact dimensions;
    • maximum heights in AHD and the above ground height for all structures including
      crane operations;
  • The exact location of your development including coordinates and datum for each structure
    or crane operation:

    • Coordinates in – latitude/longitude or easting/northing
    • Datum – WGS84 or equivalent (not the airport reference point datum);
  • A description of each structure to be built, including details of proposed external cladding
    materials, and the structure’s proposed use;
  • Where possible, MicroStation.dgn files (or AutoCAD) that include 3D wireframes of
    buildings; and
  • Tower line of sight.

To assist in giving you the most timely assessment, your assistance to provide the airport developments team with the above information as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Please use the provided Development Application form for all proposals.

Contacting us in the process of preparing your MP, and advising us of your MDP or MP going out for public comment gives us the largest block of time (at least 60 business days) to technically assess your development. By giving us as much notice as possible you will ensure Airservices Australia has ample time to assess your proposals.